“Seriously, I would roll my eyes when people say ‘it is cooked/made with love’, I mean, it sounds good for a moment, but doesn’t mean anything to me at all and you’ll never catch me saying that. Now, however, at Rue 216, I would say something Similar to describe its dishes, ~they are prepared with love, that is, the chef’s love for food, plus his dedication for culinary excellence and dedication to freshness. It’s food that ‘hits the spot’ for me!

DJ 梅爾文

“作為一間小酒館,Rue 216給客人的,遠遠超過人們對它僅是提供調酒點心的想像,店主人Alex今年8月前都在南法,前4個月「砍掉重練」重新當學生學廚藝,後4個月在普羅旺斯靠海的飯店實作。回到Rue 216,用台灣當地食材抓住法國料理的風味及精神。甚至很多外國朋友懷疑是不是找了歐洲主廚,不然怎會連甜點都那麼到位?是不是像客人說得這麼棒,就等你來小酌品評囉!"


Here! 2013-12

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